What can I say?  It was only yesterday that I started my inaugural WAHM Styles series  and I have happily stepped out this morning, clearly forgotten about my mission.

It was only after I saw my own reflection in a washroom’s full length mirror that I suddenly recalled what I needed to do.

So here I am in a not-so-appropriate place snapping away sheepishly. Hope I don’t have to do this too often!

WAHM Style_2

Top: Long sleeve striped cotton jersey from H&M (H&M Kids to be specific! Haha… in fact I have acquired a few pieces from the Kids department so far… shamelessly with a capital S.  Why not? They fit, they make me look young (ok younger) and are totally affordable! Tip: Look out for sizes 12-14)

Bottom: Slip-on grey pants from Bega