This year has spelt the biggest change yet to my working life as I left the rat race for a new chapter which I am still trying to define.

It used to be very clear cut when someone asked: “So what do you do?”.  My answer would naturally be short and sweet: “I work in IBM doing sales.”

These days, the same question will get me started on a slightly awkward and lengthy response that typically goes something like: “Well, I used to… then I decided to…  since I… and also because… so now I… and I… as well as…”

Sometimes I wish I have a better way of putting it across to people without coming across as clumsy, unsure and long-winded.  Most people have not much interest on WHY you are doing what you are doing.  They just want to know what you ARE doing. So I started to ponder if I should simply explain I am a SAHM or should it be a WFHM?  By the way these are abbreviations that I was not at all familiar with until lately.

And so before I actually define myself wrongly, let’s see…

  • I do stay at home most of the time except when I need to ferry the boys, bring Gor Gor J to and from classes, run errands, do marketing, exercise and occasional catch up lunches & tea.
  • Although I am blessed with help from my mum and domestic helper, I still spend significant amount of time daily playing with and taking care of Baby J
  • While I am no longer employed but I am working on my online businesses (and this blog if that counts!).  I spend pockets of time on related activities.

So, I think a WAHM would be more fitting, wouldn’t it?

And this is one of my WAHM moment 🙂  Do you have your favourite or most frustrating WAHM or SAHM moment too? Do share!