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It may have been more than 3 weeks since this took place but with whole Jubilee weekend around the corner, everyone is feeling SG50, talking SG50 and writing SG50!

How often is there a concert, or better still a SING-ALONG concert, that both our parents and ourselves can truly enjoy?  Of course “ourselves” refer to the Generation X! And off we went to the SG50 万人大家唱 ! This annual event is actually founded by a group of local entrepreneurs and organised by Radio station UFM100.3.singalong_1

If you take a closer look at the song list, you will realise how many years they actually span across but yet enjoyed equally by the same audience that night!  Although I must admit that majority of those who went belong to our parents’ generation.  Having said that, many young parents were also spotted with their kids.  So, it is kind of cool to see almost three generations of Singaporeans gathering together and singing our hearts out.


Here were the MCs warming up the audience while people young and old continue to fill up the indoor stadium.  The turn out was decent but there were still obvious blocks of seats that were left empty.

singalong_3All of a sudden, the crowd (at least us) was surprised to see that our PM Lee actually arrived to grace the event half way into the show!  And the best part was that he stayed till the end, talked to the audience and joked that he should also do his part by singing to the tune of “城里的月光“ and that marked the finale of the show.
singalong_5A meaningful and significant segment was Mr Liu Thai Ker (pioneer architect and urban planner) completing four paintings of our Singapore landscape through the years while everyone sang to the tune of “Home”.  The only imperfection was that the time required to complete all the paintings was perhaps a bit underestimated and I had lost count of the number of times we all had to repeat the song. Don’t get me wrong. I love this song dearly and Mr Liu was really at it with full speed… but the audience & MC included were nearly out of steam trying to keep it going. What might have been a better idea was to incorporate not one but two to three songs and round it up with “Home”.  That would have been less monotonous I believe.

And here we are, my parents and us enjoying a night of melodies of the past and present.  A great family moment.