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With such a cliche name as Beauty In The Pot, who wouldn’t be tempted to try?  Especially for steamboat lovers like myself.  So, we headed down for an early lunch on a weekday and we managed to beat the lunch crowd to be seated promptly. The whole ambience was so very inviting that I felt great even before the food was served.  It must be the lighting and colour scheme that worked really well.



Soup base and freshness of ingredients are what make or break a steamboat meal.  I must say Beauty In The Pot is a winner.  The last concept steamboat I tried was J-Pot and while it has much more variety to the types of soup base and ingredients, I found the soup heavy on MSG.  Hence, Beauty In The Pot wins hands down.

The signature soup bases, as their name suggest, are formulated for beauty and nourishment.  The Beauty Collagen Broth is made from shark’s cartilage and simmered for more than eight hours to bring out the collagen-rich goodness.  The Spicy Nourishing Broth combines chinese herbs like red dates, wolf berries, ginseng, dang guy, dang shen with pork broth.  Customers can choose from the three levels of spiciness and we went for the medium one and was perfect for me.  ($20 each and $25 for a twin flavour pot).


These were the re-fills for the soup base presented like beauty potions 🙂  It was funny how we initially thought they were some kind of home-made barley for consumption.  Both soup bases were rich but not over powering, which was perfect.


We ordered quite a fair bit for just 3 persons but below are the few items I enjoyed very much.

These shrimp dumplings were filled with fresh prawn meat and the skin was really soft and silky.


Unlike the typical cuttlefish balls that taste frozen and artificial, you can actually chew on small pieces of cuttle fish when you bite into these lovely balls.


The way to enjoy these crispy beancurd skin is to dip them in the soup for no more than 3-5 seconds.  Every bite of these was so good with the crisp still intact on some parts.


I am not a fan of lamb and definitely would not have ordered it for steamboat but The Man suggested that we give it a try and I was glad we did.


The thinly sliced pork shoulders were equally juicy and tender.  The other meat we ordered was the chicken thigh which you see in the background.  beautypot_8

While there is free flow of rice for those who cannot live without carbo for every meal, there are also other options for those who decide to give rice a miss.  We tried the hand made 拉面 and the sweet potato noodles.  I prefer the 拉面 and thought it to be one of the better ones in town.  The sweet potato noodles on the other hand was far too chewy for my liking and it got to a point where my jaws were tired from chewing.



Similar to J Pot, you get to DIY your own sauce with the given condiments nicely displayed in lovely bowls to excite the diners.  I guess I couldn’t wait to get back to my food with my special concoction and forgot about a shot. So here is how the sauce station looks like thanks to google.


source: Google

This place has definitely won me over because between then and now, I have gone back again for my second dose of beauty soup 🙂 This place opens till 3am on some days so go get your steamboat fix when you can’t seem to get any beauty sleep!

Location: 11 Tanjong Katong Road OneKM #02-21

Operation Hours: 

Mon – Thurs
11am to 3pm (Last order at 2.00pm)
5.30pm to 1am (Last order at 12.15am)

Fri, Sat and eve of PH
11am to 3am (Last order at 2.15am)

Sun and PH
11am to 1am (Last order at 12.15am)

Tel: 6702 2542