One of the things we did as a family during the Jubilee weekend was to visit the National Museum.  It was a great opportunity for families with young children to spend some time at the Museum as there were many installations and exhibits aimed at giving the kids a peep into what Singapore was like before in the early years.

Needless to say, fun was still the order of the day so first stop – outdoor playground with a touch of nostalgia.


You can’t miss this famous dragon head playground if you have been driving past the museum.SG50_museum_2It did spell “FUN” all over Baby J ! It was pure coincidence that he was in this T-shirt 🙂


There was just so much colour all around us that the celebratory mood was totally in the air!



SG50_museum_6There were also craft activities at many corners and we truly enjoyed an afternoon just having simple fun in a special way.