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Apart from the trip to the Museum to celebrate the Jubilee weekend, we also decided to pack our picnic basket and headed to Marina Barrage to marvel at the much anticipated 25-minute aerial display of 22 manoeuvres by our very own RSAF Black Knights.  Knowing that the crowd would be massive, we planned with our friends and to get there as early as we could though the show would only start at 12pm.  Alas, we were not quite early enough because it was already crazy by the time we got there.  Cars were already lined all along the roads and we had to walk a distance with food and kids in tow.  The whole place was already littered with happy people, mainly families but we were lucky to land ourselves in a spot despite that.

Here is a view from our nice little spot before it got even more crowded shortly after.


The morning started very hot and sunny as you can tell from these photos (before the weather decided to take a dramatic turn!).

There were quite a few nice family shots that morning but this was my favourite as everyone of us managed to squeeze in part of ourselves in a most unplanned manner.


Since it was a SG50 event, our picnic kakis and us decided to do it the Singapura way and did away with our usual picnic fare. We brought along boxes of “shun kueh”, “rice kueh”, “chee cheong fun”, yam cake and even topped it up with freshly made soya bean milk from the market!  How much more local can it get right 🙂


To our delight, look what were being distributed?  These were some of our favourite snacks during our childhood!  Do you still remember these fondly? The kids simple loved them and kept going for more… the must have exceeded their entire week’s of sugar limit!



Just as we were nearing the start of the air show that everyone has been patiently looking forward to the entire morning basking in the merciless sun, the sky suddenly turned dark and thick clouds loomed the entire sky.  In fact, just minutes before the air show started, it started to rain.  Umbrellas up, raincoats on, even picnic mats turned into temporary shelter.  Young and old… no one seemed deterred!  The cheers were roaring the moment our Black Knights made their first appearance and everyone stayed put.

SG50_picnic_6Within minutes, the rain turned into a heavy downpour.  The show had to stop pre-maturely and the crowd had to run for REAL shelter.  I had to grab Baby J and seek shelter immediately leaving the rest of the troop to pack up everything at top speed.  This was the last shot of the very short-lived, otherwise promising air show (I guess it only lasted for 10 minutes at most) before everyone scrambled away.  Note how strong the winds were that umbrellas were blown the other way!


It was a real pity that the show couldn’t continue but at least many of us had some hours of good fun in the sun before we got drenched from head to toe.  And I mean DRIPPING WET (our food and belongings included).  The most memorable picnic ever… in a very MESSY way 🙂