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The whole family just got back from holidaying in Korea the day before and while sorting out the photos from the trip (consolidating hundreds of photos that each of us snapped), it reminded me of the two photo books we made for our Spain trip 4 years ago.  Back then, I was quite against the idea initially when The Man suggested on doing so especially in this age of digitising everything.  In fact at that point in time, I was scanning in boxes of physical old photos in order to throw them out and clear some precious space in the house.  However, I was glad that we did eventually… because each time I flipped the pages, it put a smile to my face.  It is like a short pictorial storybook sitting on the shelf, suitable for all ages.



It took us quite some time to complete these 2 books.  While the technical aspects of putting together a phonebook on a Mac was pretty easy, the time consuming part would be of course the selection of photos and organising them into your desired flow.  And for someone like myself who is so easily distracted by photos, significant amount of time will be spent stopping every now and then to reminisce about little moments behind those tonnes of photos.  It took me however just minutes to include a short prologue before it was sent for print.  My English teacher would have given me a small smack on the hand for not checking my work thoroughly…  Can you spot the one spelling error which a friend so sharply pointed out 🙂


So will we still do the same for all our family trips so far – Italy, Taiwan, Korea and the many more to come?  I doubt we have the time now but I do hope so 🙂