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If it wasn’t for a friend who brought us to this newly opened place for dinner, I would probably not have tasted such yummy Penang fare in Singapore.  While it is not difficult to find Penang food here, not many taste as great and authentic.  What’s more… they are so reasonably priced that you can still have a feast with a tight budget!  The only downside is probably its location, which is hidden at a quiet corner off Clementi.

This was the very unassuming shopfront of Island Penang Kitchen.

Island Penang_1

Given the location, I was totally caught by surprise by the long queue!

Island Penang_2

We queued for around 45min but we chatted so much that it really didn’t feel as long.  After we were seated, we did not have to wait too long for the food although the staff seemed really busy.

We ordered a variety of items so that we got to try a bit of everything (well not quite… as there were more items on the menu than we could manage!)  First up was their special version of Penang prawn noodles. Just look at the amount of ingredients that came with it!  There was even some “sio bak” (roasted pork) and the soup was flavourful but not too overwhelming.

Island Penang_3

There was no way I was going to miss out on Penang Laksa in a Penang eatery.  This bowl of goodness is by far the best Penang Laksa I have ever tasted!  I can’t quite explain in what ways but it is definitely a winner.  I think I might be capable of gobbling down two portions of this on a super hungry day 🙂

Island Penang_4

Another equally popular Penang dish will have Penang Fried Kway Teow.  I was swept away by its well defined texture and subtle “wok hei” which blended so well together.

Island Penang_6

Next on the list was “Jiu Her Eng Chye” which literally translates to Cuttlefish Kang Kong.  I was never a big fan of this but I am sold! All the ingredients were fresh and I liked the crunch in every bite, unlike the soggy versions I tend to come across.  I am not sure what they did or added to their sauce but it definitely tasted different from those I have tried before.

Island Penang_5

Something unusual here in Singapore.  Individually, yes… but combining these four types of vegetables in one single dish… I must say this was the first encounter for many of us.  This spicy stir-fry of long beans, eggplant, petai (a.k.a stinky beans) and dragon beans (I hope I didn’t get the name wrong!) was so appetising.

Island Penang_7

This deep fried beancurd skin was requested by me 😛 just because I was curious how a dim sum item ended up on a Penang menu.  It turned out to be irresistibly addictive!

Island Penang_8

This drink is such a thirst quencher. Signature Penang drink – nutmeg, with a touch of plum.  Simply refreshing.

Island Penang_9

A meal like this would not be complete without… dessert! Not overly sweet, this chendol was alluring with its huge red kidney beans, guava melaka syrup and coconut milk.

Island Penang_10

Definitely a must-try especially if you are happen to be hanging out in the west on of these days!

Location: Blk 721 Clementi West St.2 #01-126

Operation Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-9.30pm. Closed on alternate Tuesday

Tel: 6873 0163

Website:  http://www.islandpenang.com