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I was never the type of mummy who will fuss over birthday parties for my kids.  In fact, Gor Gor J has never had a proper birthday party of his own.  Each year, I would just have a birthday cake delivered to his pre-school after their nap (like a special treat for tea break) followed by a simple family dinner together.

He has been quite cool about this and has hardly ever asked for a party for himself even though he gets to attend many cool birthday parties throughout the years!

This year marks his last year in his pre-school so we took it as a great opportunity to gather his graduating K2 friends together for a fun time over the weekend.  I did, however, reminded him that this would likely be the first and last kids birthday party we are organising for him.  Just to set some expectations 🙂

I decided on KidStop as the party venue based on a dear friend’s recommendation.  There were a few themes to choose from and I went for “Chemistry Artistry”.  The rest include: “Party Animals”, “Dinomite Delight”, “Dazzle Razzle”, “Lo-Co-Motion”, which sounded equally exciting but I reckoned they might a little too kiddy for these 6 year olds.

The party room was very spacious with enough room for the kids to roam around and for the adults to mingle (even after the buffet tables and the tables and chairs were laid). I had about forty guests but if there are more than 50 guests, they can even open up the partition for an even larger party room!

The party room even comes with a stage for the party facilitators to do their “science demonstrations”.  One of the highlights was the dry ice experiment that sent all the kids (and adults) go all woo… and ahh…


The activities were well organised with a simple demo followed by hands-on time for the kids.  I find this theme very age-appropriate for them as they have already tried so many other party games (example musical chairs) that they need more “intellectually fun” stuff to keep them engaged (at least thats what us parents feel!).


Another activity that was interesting was creating multiple colours with just one colour to start with.  Another chemically intriguing experiment that got them very curious.  The result was a bunch of beautifully hand-made bouquet with many gorgeous colours!


What is a kids’ birthday party without some playground fun right? KidStop feature different educational and fun zones in its mega indoor playground.  Kids can be zapped into the imaginary world of dinosaurs one moment and be blown away by a typhoon stimulator the next.  There is no lack of fun experiences for these inquiring minds.



While the little ones can pretend to shop at the little supermarket, the bolder and older ones can sweat it out on the two-storey climbing structure (which GOr Gor J and friends went up and down repeatedly.

For the even younger ones who have yet to walk or are just starting out, there is also more than enough space for them to wander around safely.  Everything is just so colourful to brighten up the whole place and atmosphere.


And we had a very very colourful and yummy chocolate fudge birthday cake which thrilled Gor Gor J to the max!


A very very colourful backdrop for a family photo together.


And not to forget some very very colourful goodies bags for the friends to bring home with.


It was fun.  I might just have another one very soon after all! 😛