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I admit that we might be overly indulgent as parents this past week.

Besides organising a birthday party for Gor Gor J at KidStop last weekend, he also wanted to dine at the highest restaurant in Singapore.  And so reservations at the Equinox was made on his actual birthday.  Not exactly the kind of place you celebrate a six year old kid’s birthday but hey, it is after all a fairly reasonable birthday request that would be hard to turn down! (I think the truth is that The Man and I were equally FOR the idea!)

Taking the lift all the way up was already an appetiser for Gor Gor J. He was even more thrilled when he sighted the magnificent view from the top.  “I can see Malaysia from here!” he exclaimed.  The caucasian couple beside him was apparently amused by him: “You have very good eyesight!”  I didn’t even know if we were looking at the right direction to begin with!


I guess all three of us were starved because moments after this gorgeous looking bread was served, it was gone. So were the crumbs.


The priceless look on the birthday boy’s face was probably due to finally dining at such a cool place high up rather than the food itself  (the kids’ meal was nothing special but your usual fish and chips.  I felt they could have done better for the food presentation in a swank place like this, though it was for kids)


For appetiser, we went for the Leek Soup, New England Clam Chowder, Smoked Bacon, Crab Fritter.  Nothing spectacular and in fact quite forgettable.


Fortunately, the Grand Plateau added some wow to the evening.  Maine Lobster, Oysters, Prawns, Crab Venus, Clams, Mussels, Tuna Tartare, served with four different sauces.  The seafood selection was so fresh and we found that the sauces were slightly overpowering and would not have done their own natural sweetness justice.  Gor Gor J loved the prawns and I think most of them ended on his plate.


To me the highlight was this lobster.   Just look at how huge it was (can hardly fit in my plate!) and the meat was very tender and juicy.


And no birthday dinner is complete without…. a candle and a little song!  The Banana Boat did its part and we did ours 🙂


I would like to apologize to all the dating couples sitting around us that evening.  I bet their romantic dinner was almost ruined by our higher than desired noise level, which was amazingly constant throughout.  It even peaked at many unwanted moments with squeals, dropping cutlery and a birthday song 🙂

Whatever it is, Gor Gor J enjoyed his little dining experience and we did too… in a slightly stressful way 🙂

Location: 2 Stamford Road, Swissotel The Stamford, 70 floor.

Tel: 6338 8585