Feeling a little girly today so I paired up one of my dark coloured top with this skirt which many commented as… well… interesting.  I do hope they mean it as “pretty” more than “weird”! Haha…

The gathers at the bottom are a result of little strings that are tied up from underneath the skirt.  Alternatively, they can be untied to just let it fall as a normal skirt.  However, I have been wearing it like this all the time because I simple love the way it bounces weightlessly around my legs as I move around!  It is a happy skirt 🙂

WAHM Style_16

Top: Navy blue knitted top with silky ribbon on left shoulder from Mango

Bottom: Printed light weight rayon skirt from a Taiwan night market (the lady boss told me they were handmade in India. I fell in love with the design and comfort at first sight and bought two with different prints)