I love planning for trips.

I love packing for trips.

Sometimes I think I love doing these better than going on the actual trip itself!

I hate unpacking for trips (unless it is a shopping trip!)

I always procrastinate writing about a trip.  I am not sure why. Perhaps the moment of thrill is gone by the time I got down to my keyboard.  Or perhaps, I have read so many good travel journals that I don’t see any point in writing about something so exciting in my mediocre way.

Then one day in the showers, it suddenly strike me (more like a reminder to one self) that I write because I want to collect memories.  I don’t want to forget (Oh especially after watching Julianne Moore in “Still Alice”).

So it doesn’t really matter if it is not organised chronologically, not flowing smoothly and not covering everything.  I just want to capture pockets of memories that I would like to remember and share with my boys in the years to come.

The most recent family trip was to Korea earlier this year in August but I have decided to be super anal about it and start with Spain (2011), Taiwan (2012), Italy (2014) first.  Gosh, that would probably take me forever!  Anyway, that’s that.

Having said that, I have a bunch of photos and itineraries to dig for before I can embark on this promise I made to myself.  So, I shall forgive myself for needing to delay this by yet another day so that I can do all the digging 🙂

Yes, just one more day. Nothing more.