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As a promise I made to myself, I will be collecting memories from past holiday trips starting from… now.  It is better late than never, isn’t it!

As I was going through the photos from our Spain trip, it dawned on me that Gor Gor J was only two years old when we brought him to Spain.  In fact, we left on his birthday and the flight crew even surprised us with a birthday cake!


It was a full-sized cake so no way could we finish it between three of us. I recalled it came pretty close to landing time so it was cut up and distributed out to the rest of the crew.


Look how tiny he was beside the trolley!  Oh and that good old stroller which followed us around the world is still in use today for Baby J!  (best buy ever!)


So these precious moments marked the start of a 15 day adventure in Spain with two huge luggages, one stroller, several hand carry and one very young toddler.  Thinking  back now, I really don’t know why and how we did it.  Maybe we were younger then with more energy physically and mentally?  Maybe we couldn’t bear to leave our first born behind while we enjoyed ourselves half the globe away? Or maybe we were just crazy.

As I was wrapping up this very first post about the trip, I asked myself if I will do the same with Baby J when he turns two (which is only four months away)?  I took one look at him (who was at the moment trying to walk backwards unsteadily and throwing toy cars over the high chair with sweet potatoes smeared all over him, most likely skipping his nap time again…) I shook my head to myself.  No Way!