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I was reading about Zouk’s more than 20 parties from now until the end of the year, as part of their big bang farewell to its iconic Jiak Kim Street premises.  A place where many from our generation have spent countless nights mambo jumbo-ing during our younger days.

With its new found location at Clarke Quay, I have no doubt that the club, whats more with is regionally acclaimed ZoukOut event, will continue to have its loyal followings.  However for many of us who are now too “old” to party like before can only relish the good old partying days through our memories of the familiar settings in Jiak Kim Street. The long queues, the clubbers who lined the street with many not walking straight, the empty taxis waiting along the road, and many more.

Just when I thought to myself that it would be a pity not to be able to show my sons in  15-20 years time this place that mummy, daddy, uncles and aunties used to party hard,  it suddenly occurred to me that hey… Gor Gor J had actually been there before! Not only was he there, he even partied there!

I am talking about a Zouk Disco Party for Kids which we brought him to about two years back.  I immediately searched for the photos and ta-da… here they are.  What memories.

Here was Gor Gor J all dressed up for his first clubbing experience, full of anticipation.


Ah ha… a queue forming up… a familiar sight but without the sunlight (and kids)!Zouk_2

Say hi to not one but two under-aged clubbers (hint: meet the bump).


The partying gang.  I was not even sure if their totalled up age met the minimum age requirement on a normal Zouk night 🙂


Check out the kids friendly timing.  They could still have a nap before partying and could still make it for an early dinner thereafter!


Wow and how the kids partied hard! And some of the parents were dancing to the tunes with their toddlers in their arms too!  The upbeat tunes and a very engaging host sent the adrenaline soaring in the little ones.  And you could really see some potential party animals in the making!


Gor Gor J didn’t dance.  He sat on the bar top drinking away with a ballon in his hand, watching the crowd.  I found that extremely cute in his own shy but overwhelmed way.

Instead of the usual shots and mixers, check out the bottled drinks that come in various flavours!


It was indeed a very very unusual piece of partying memory at Zouk that I will not likely forget.  Should there be another similar event, I am definitely bringing my two boys there again!