I was doing a spring cleaning of my “miscellaneous” photo folder in my computer, which is always over-flowing of random shots that I sometimes fail to comprehend why they were taken in the first place… like what was going through my mind at that moment?

And then I saw this selfie of mine.

No matter how hard I tried to recall where I was heading to, I am still not too sure.  Anyway, that is beside the point.  The thing is I am delighted to realise how a dose of navy blue can actually add a feminine touch to the whole look. (I am referring to the prints on the dress, the earrings and the clutch).  I mean… navy blue is not exactly the favourite choice for many ladies out there who are constantly looking to “brighten up” or “cutify” (is there even such a word??) their look.


I went on to do a little reading up on navy blue as a colour – just for fun.

Navy blue was originally known as marine blue.  It got its name from the uniforms of the British Royal Navy back in the eighteenth century and is very often associated with symbols of authority, confidence, power, unity, conservatism and the likes.  It is no wonder that when we think navy blue, we think uniforms. (A good number of schools here in Singapore bear white and blue uniforms.  Not to forget our dear policemen too).

I am definitely going to experiment more with this underrated colour.

Do you have a navy blue look which you like too? It can be of ourself or someone you know.  It would be lovely to share how this regimental and dull colour can be worn.