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And so we continued with our Gaudi trail after a fascinating trip to the La Sagrada Familia.  Next up, Parc Güell.  Another World UNESCO World Heritage site.

Stepping into this park seemed almost surreal because everything appeared so imaginary and quaint.


I particularly enjoyed gazing at all the mosaic work around the park, including that of the main terrace in the form of a long undulating bench shaped like a serpent.


And also these unique mosaic tiles on the ceiling. I love the randomness at which they appear in every corner of the park.


It was only after the visit that I learned more about this walled pathway of the park. I admired it purely as a beautifully textured walkway without realising that these curved structures actually serve as restraining walls that support the roads projecting from the hill side.


Apparently these two buildings started out as a housing project which did not materialise.  These houses looked like they just popped out from some fairy tale.


I saw a window of opportunity (pardon the pun) for some great shots and did a little workout up the flight of stairs for these silly shots below.


As for the symbolic multicolored mosaic salamander, I failed to get a clear shot of it in its entirety due to the crazy crowd that just kept hovering around it.   So here is a consolation to myself. My very own salamander, sitting peacefully at the corner of my own home 🙂