A couple of months back, we watched Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out” and just like the earlier work of the same creators of “Up”,  I was deeply moved.  It is almost magical that cartoons (good ones) can still move someone my age to tears.

Anyone who has missed it should find an opportunity to watch it at some point.  Anyway, this is not a movie review.  Actually I am not too sure myself why I am writing this post except that I want to share what I found at the library!

A “Inside Out” book.


It is just a simple picture book but having watched the movie made me just want to borrow it home.  Plus I really adored the quirky characters and thought their respective emotions really came through brilliantly in a playful way.

JOY – One look at her and I feel 100% more hopeful and super-charged almost immediately!  We need more of her inside us.


DISGUST – Don’t we sometimes wish we can be so straightforwardly honest with our likes and dislike without compromising our own standards to please there rest of the world? She is one cool and consistent gal on that front!


FEAR – This fellow, though not well regarded, is an essential in providing that provides that balance often needed to make difficult decisions.  And because of him, we always plan for the worst while hoping for the best.  insideout_4

ANGER – The little devil inside us who erupts without warning sometimes. It tends to be challenging to control him but we all know the importance to manage him.  Though a little of him does make us stronger in striving for what we want at times.


SADNESS – Do not label this petite little darling as weak. Without sadness, how would we taste happiness?  Without sadness, how would we appreciate joy?  Being vulnerable and sentimental can help us know ourselves better and eventually emerging stronger as a person.


So… how are you feeling today? 🙂