I must be mad.  Why?

Because I am testing my already messed-up eye sight (from Lasik) and my almost run-out patience (from my boys) by attempting the “Secret Garden” colouring book.  Each time, I can only afford no more than 10-15 minutes on this, except of course both boys are already in bed.  Even so, anything longer than that will set my eyes to a blurry vision.  So I reckon that at this rate, I might be able to complete the entire book by the time Gor Gor J serves the army (he is six now by the way).

But what to do?  I love colouring.

secret garden

And as if that is not enough, I have just started to re-read “Gone With The Wind”. The last time I read it was probably 18 years ago!  Again, this is another horrible test of eye sight.  I remembered loving the book and also I hope by showing Gor Gor J that if I can complete this 959-pager novel, he shouldn’t complain about reading a paragraph of his Enid Blyton.  Slowly but surely. Few pages at a time.

gone with the wind

Yes, I must be mad.