One morning late last week, I woke up with my left eye looking slightly pink but I assumed it must have been irritated or contaminated and would go away before I even realise (just like the other 99% of the time).

Then my eye started to squint and tear uncontrollably while I was driving IN shades! That definitely did not feel right especially when it wasn’t even sunny at all.

And so when I took one closer look at my eye… and there I saw it.  A tiny white dot on my pupil which would have otherwise gone un-noticed.  And after that, I could hardly open my eye fully in my own home!  Ok, I do have lots of natural light coming through the balconies but still… something must be terribly wrong if I have to wear shades at home.

I made an urgent appointment with the eye specialist the next day.

Fortunately I did (and did so fairly quickly) because it was a cornea ulcer. A.. what?  It is the infection of cornea and after I googled about it, I was almost freaked out at the prospect of turning blind if I had delayed treatment.

As I am writing this, I have gone for two follow-ups so far.  While the infection seems to be under control now, the scarring may be permanent.  As it is, my left vision is already blurred since last week.

So folks, please treat any eye infection seriously as you can never play it safer when it comes to your vision.

Fingers crossed and will update soon.