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What remained of my own K2 (Kindergarten two) graduation was just a tiny faded photograph of me in a mortar board looking all serious yet awkward. I remembered it was taken in a small setup under a block of HDB flats and I had to go back again for a re-shoot as my collar was found to be turned up after the first photograph was developed.  Oh… those shoes 🙂


Ah, those were the days of films where you only have one take. It is unimaginable in today’s context where we can take countless shots for our Facebook and Instagram posts before deleting and selecting until we are happy with them.

It was such a simple affair back in my time.

Fast forward 33 years later, the whole K2 graduation for Gor Gor J was such a big deal.    Graduation photos were taken months in advance with professional photographers.  The end product was a seven-pager photo album (think hard cover wedding coffee table book!) plus a framed up portrait.

Any resemblance? 🙂


Anyway, that was only the beginning. The icing on the cake was their graduation concert – two full blown English and Chinese musicals after the march in ceremony.


Rehearsals and recordings started as yearly as mid year.  It was not just a great show put up by the six-year-olds but a display of hard work, team work, commitment and true joy thrown into a stunning performance.  Some might not see the need for such extensive amount of time thrown into a one-night concert but after witnessing the journey of how the teachers worked with the kids and how the kids worked with one another, I personally feel this is real education.  The confidence, the friendships forged and the little life lessons they picked up along the way were not things that the classrooms or worksheets could offer.


Everything from the concert tickets, program booklets, costumes, backdrops, location were nothing short of grand and elaborate.  It was a memorable experience for all on and off stage.  As with all K2 graduation ceremonies or concerts, regardless of their scale and location, it is a recognition of our children’s development milestone and a celebration of love and friendships.

I quote from one of my instagram photo:

“You cried during your first stage performance 4 years ago. 4 years later, it was my turn to cry”

I hope you will continue to grow and learn and be happy always.