This past week has been crazy on WhatsApp.

I don’t think I have received as many messages in a month as last week alone.  My phone was flooded, or rather, I was.

As I switched between the various chat groups, I realised it was very tricky to toggle my emotions accordingly… to a point of having to type and re-type many of my responses in the most unnatural manner.

Of course there were the many chats discussing about dates, venue, food and presents for parties after parties during this festive season. These were typical happy chats in a joyous mood.

And there were farewell chats among parents from the pre-school which were sweet goodbyes.

Then there were chats among parents from the Primary school whom I have not even met about everything from book wrappers, pocket money to school bus schedules.  Interesting and intensive exchange of information that built up the anticipation for the Primary school journey about to be embarked on.

On the other end of the spectrum, chats about an old friend being in and out of hospital and going through operations and pain got me worried and  I hope for her speedy recovery.

And the most unexpected and unwelcome chats were about an even older friend from school.  Her sudden departure from this world shocked each and everyone of us on boxing day morning. She couldn’t make it for a class gathering last month (a much anticipated one after almost 23 years) and even promised to make it for the next round.  Sadly, it was not meant to be.  What made it worse was that her once happy nuclear family is now left with only her younger son, who was barely 5.

Although we have not met for decades, it still feels like I just saw your bubbly and cheerful face at the back of the classroom chatting and giggling away.

Goodbye my friend.

And no, I do not want another of such WhatsApp chat coming my way.  Not this kind.