The past week felt like one of the longest one in my life.  Not because it was dreadful or anything like that.  It was one that exploded with excitement … alongside with exhaustion.

Both my boys embarked on their major schooling milestones.

Gor Gor J began his Primary School journey which was what many of us joked about as “starting real school” 🙂  Back in K2 days we could sashay into the school gate anytime before 9am and sashay home without any homework.  Now, waking up while the sky is still dark is no fun at all… for BOTH of us!

Baby J joined in the “fun” and started with Pre-School this week, spending a full day there.  We are still adjusting to the quiet mornings around the house.  Not being toilet trained yet and with an extremely limited vocabulary, coupled with a highly stubborn character, I can only wish the teachers in his toddlers’ class best of luck.

Here are my two happy troopers.

This one couldn’t be happier to be going home finally after a long day in school.

school_1st day_1

This one was just plain exhilarated to discover school provides several meals a day!

school_1st day_2

And as if waking up in the dark and spending a good part of my day chauffeuring around (easily 6 to 8 times up and down the expressways) was not enough, this past week also marked my own birthday and my best friend’s birthday.  Birthdays are usually not much of a deal but this year we turn 40!  Yes, BIG 4-0!

There was much to be prepared for a surprise 40 birthday bash for my pal and the party had to be on the FIRST school night!  It was extremely fun and memorable, except that many of us (parents!) had to deal with eye bags and dark circles the next morning.  Then came the LAST school night that I could finally just plop into bed after a long week of sleep deprivation. Alas! The same pal decided to take her “revenge”.   She appeared at my doorsteps at midnight with hubby and cake in toll when I was already in bed.  Needless to say, that night ended at close to 3am

And finally over the weekend, in between Gor Gor J’s classes, I survived one birthday lunch and two birthday dinners before a new school week landed on my heavy eyelids once again.

Don’t be mistaken.  I am not complaining. How can I? If only every week can be so eventful and filled with so many wonderful moments.  I am feeling so blessed.

I just need to get more tea and… perhaps a power nap today 🙂