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It was a disappointing night at the pool after Gor Gor J missed his upgrading timing by a mere 2 seconds.

He was unusually quiet after a typical time trial, barely touched his dinner and only wanted to hit the bed the moment we reached home although it was a Friday night.  Friday nights are always about plants vs zombies and chit chats.  None of that happened.  I guess besides being upset  with himself, it didn’t help that we failed to hide our own emotions well.  He could sense our disappointment too.  He is after all, our sensitive son.

To be honest, I was slightly mad initially.  He trained hard and had a fantastic chance of making the timing according to his coach.  However, he forgot to tighten his swimming trunks after going to the toilet just before his event.  And so the moment he dived in, his trucks slipped to his thighs, revealing his butt.

After he went to bed, I started to reflect and felt so ashamed of how I felt and handled the situation.

I kept harping on the fact that he should have been more self aware and took care of simple and intuitive things like tying back his trunks after taking a pee.   I totally failed to see how he remained so committed to complete the race while dragging his trucks along.  He knew that should he pull or so much as to touch his trunks during the race, he would have been disqualified.  And so he bore with the heavy burden,  both physically and mentally, and finished what he set out to do.

My disappointment turned into pride.  I realised I am actually very proud that my son, not even 7 yet, managed to stay resilient in the face of adversity.

I then wrote him a little love note to praise and encourage him for his positive attitude.  I pasted that on his bathroom mirror so that he could see it first thing the next morning.

And the next day, he started to smile again 🙂

I have learnt a very important lesson from you Gor Gor J.

Love you always…