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All our previous overseas trips with the boys so far involved moving around in trains, domestic flights, checking in and out of accommodations, long days packed with visits to places of interest.  In short, demanding itineraries for kids (and even more so for us parents!)

So when my girlfriend suggested we go for a “relaxing” short trip with the kids this March holiday, I was all for it.

Just exactly how “relaxing” was it?

Well, first of all it was a short flight of less than 3 hours.  So just when Baby J was about to start getting really restless, it was time to land.

Then, it was a short ride to the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa where we happily checked into a huge suite (came with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!).  The view was just so peaceful that even the screaming kids around us didn’t bother us much 🙂


For this 5-day trip, we only planned for three half-day activities (which I would cover in a while) and we just spent the rest of our time chilling and fooling around at the pool, the kids club, the beach and even just in the suite!  The pace turned out well that the kids didn’t have to be rushed from one thing to another.

The highlight of the trip would have to be the Rice Farming Trip which was booked through Jack Trans Eco Tour. It offered us an amazing half day experience, learning about and trying out for ourselves every step of rice farming.  The morning started with us biking from the meeting point right to the paddy fields.  It was a shame that I couldn’t get started with the bike with Gor Gor J behind… I guess I lacked the practice and confidence of a 20KG human load on the roads 😦  The blessing in disguise was that both of us ended up on a scooter which sort of made it up for Gor Gor J’s initial disappointment.


So here was us right at the end of the pack, relaxing while poor daddy and my girlfriend paddled really hard for a few Kilometers.  I felt very much like part of some old time Taiwanese movie at the back of a scooter with wind in my hair and face looking on to a countryside scenery like this.

Along the way, some very cute ducklings were spotted.  Yes, I have seen full grown ducks before but these little cuties were something else. They were so fun to watch.


And here comes the star of the day – Mr Buffalo!  We all took turns to ride on it and I must say I felt like a child all over again.  All the kids were slightly apprehensive at first but ended up loving every part of it!


Once we were warmed up to Mr Buffalo and the sloshy and squanchy mud, it was an intensive hands on experience of rice farming from ploughing and water irrigation to harvesting and threshing.  It even ended with some cooking and a fantastic lunch.


This photo reminded me of a song I learnt when I was little. “Planting rice is never fun, bent from morn till the set of sun, cannot stand cannot sit, cannot rest for a little bit…” How true after understanding more about all the hard work rice farmers need to go through… but at least for this morning of valuable learning experience, it definitely spelt fun for all of us. You can tell from the beaming smiles!


For the rest of the trip when we were not out and about, the kids still managed to have many fun moments within the resort itself.

Each day we passed by this rock wall, the kids must have a go at it and I must say they always outdo themselves, dong better than their last attempts.  Look at these little climbers!


Oh… and the pool was a gem with a spiral slide and an area of sand play.  Many hours were spent soaking in the sun and amusing ourselves with silly little acts and games. Here is one of our favourite shot of Gor Gor J splashing in action.

danang_8And one of the mornings, we decided to explore the beach.  We were drawn by the rhythmic waves and peaceful coastline.  The kids had so much fun attempting many different stunts and sand structures that when it was time to leave, everyone was feeling reluctant to do so.


Danang is definitely a worthy destination for a short family trip or even a getaway with friends. It offers a good balance of “chillax”, educational and cultural experience and also tantalising local cuisine! I shall cover the yummy food we had in a separate post.

Till then.

Cảm ơn