Just the other day when I was driving both my boys, the typical squabbling and whining started building up.  It didn’t help that we were crawling through super slow traffic under the glaring afternoon sun.  It sounded like the entire car was going to explode and so did my head.  Instead of screaming at the top of my lungs, I decided against it at the last moment (maybe some of the parenting tips that flood the social media finally got to me?) and took a deep breath instead.

Moments after that, the unbearable noise suddenly sound distant in the background and I was locked in my own thoughts… how has becoming a mother changed me?  For better or worse, I think I have sensed the following changes in me.

I curse and swear less

Yes, at least I believe so. I used to do that quite a lot especially when faced with idiotic drivers on the road.  Or… unless idiotic drivers have dwindled in numbers over the years miraculously??

Driving Behaviour 

While we are on the topic of driving. I drive much slower (or rather more careful) now. I used to love getting ahead on the fastest lane on the expressway but now I feel more secured being in the middle lane.  And I am now indifferent to dirty looks when I take my own sweet time to load kids AND bags into the car.  I used to be the one giving dirty looks to others 🙂

My Skin

Motherhood or not, we women would always pay attention to our skin as we age.  Before kids, I had mainly makeup on my face.  These days, sunblock dominate my face.  With all the hours spent at the pool and driving around in this crazy weather, sunblock has become my new best friend.  In fact, I have just started applying them on my arms now before heading out everyday.

My Shoes

Anyone would have guessed.  Like many other mummies, killer heels and stilettos are a thing of the past, unless your life revolves around red carpets.  Flats and wedges are now a no-brainer for me.  So what if I no longer have seemingly longer legs and appealing posture. The last thing I want is to twist my ankles while chasing after my toddler or while wrestling with him.

The above are just a few superficial stuff that came to my mind but really, I find myself wanting to be a better person on the whole.  Because of my boys, I am eating better, speaking better and behaving better. Don’t misunderstand, I am not a delinquent! By behaving better, I mean I am striving to be more civic-minded and kind.  Most of all, I am constantly reminding myself to have more positive energy around my boys.

Being a mother is a magical thing isn’t it 🙂