No matter how much literature and advice you can find out there on parenting, nothing prepares us fully.  Not even when you have gone through the same thing before. Of course it helps being a second time parent but no kids are identical, even when they are from the same “factory”!

Well, here are the most noticeable differences between my two boys up to this point:

  • Gor Gor J did not go through any terrible two (ok, maybe he had a not-so-terrible five?) but it turned out that this terrible two thingy is not an urban legend at all!  Baby J is showing me everything he has up his sleeves and I finally get a taste of it.
  • Eczema!!! That is right on top of my stress list right now.  Gor Gor J has flawless skin (almost) from toddlerhood till now. Poor Baby J is not as blessed.  More on that in separate posts as that is complicated business I must say.
  • TV time was a rare treat for Gor Gor J through toddlerhood and I wouldn’t even call it a treat because he didn’t quite enjoy it, save for a couple of Thomas and Friends DVD episodes.  And so I don’t remember him asking for any screen time and most often than not, we had to “convince” him to watch something so that we can go about our chores without having to entertain him!  Well, it is quite the opposite for Baby J as he thrives on his daily dose of YouTube videos on TV.  Gor Gor J seems to be a late boomer and has recently because of his younger brother, fallen in love with the same.  Every night, we would witness two crazy boys singing and dancing (more like hopping) to some very queer children songs.
  • I am beginning to suspect a lose link between bowel movements and personality.  Gor Gor J has always been a shy and reserved kid (he still is) and up till he was around 4 years old, he rarely pooped. And by rarely, I mean once every 4-5 days and on a few occasions, it was declared as a family crisis when we saw no signs of poo-ing for the entire week!  On the other hand, Baby J is a relatively talkative and sociable fellow who is generous with his words and hugs. The thing is… he poops daily. And should he missed doing so one day, he will pay it back twice the next day.  Someone should seriously consider conducting a clinical study on this relationship.
  • Bedtime used to be just putting one kid to sleep with a few lullaby and some cuddling, even if it might take a while.  Now, it is like going to war in semi darkness every night.  Both boys will be fighting for:
    • which book/s to be read
    • my hands to hold (thank goodness I have two)
    • the same pillow/s
    • who do I turn to face
    • which lullaby to sing or NOT to sing

And just when I sensed silence and a glimpse of hope to escape back into my room, one of them might just make a sound and many things have to start all over.

No, parenting doesn’t get easier.

It does get more interesting though 🙂