About Moi

about me
I am the only female voice in a small nuclear family of four.  Gor Gor J, Baby J, The Man and moi. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was yearning for the joy and excitement motherhood would bring. Sometimes I still cannot believe I am actually living it now!  I am deeply grateful for what life has given me so far and I treasure each day more and more as I watch my boys grow. Very often I find myself having too many passions but too little time (and talent) to pursue them all.  Whenever I cannot rationalise why I am doing what I am doing or why I am not doing what I should be doing, I just conclude that I am a dreamer. A happy one. Having recently left the corporate world which I have gotten so used to and start my little venture online, it has been nothing short of an exhilarating experience.  It has also given me more flexible time to blog again and to consolidate some of my past writing (many of which were purely for my own beguilement). I hope this journey continues in its own magical way. xoxo Amanda


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