My WAHM Style – 28.11.2015


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Today was no typical Saturday. Today was Gor Gor J’s Pre-school graduation concert.  I decided to keep it simple and feminine with this polka dot halter neck dress from  GG<5.

WAHM Style_20


Eye Trouble



One morning late last week, I woke up with my left eye looking slightly pink but I assumed it must have been irritated or contaminated and would go away before I even realise (just like the other 99% of the time).

Then my eye started to squint and tear uncontrollably while I was driving IN shades! That definitely did not feel right especially when it wasn’t even sunny at all.

And so when I took one closer look at my eye… and there I saw it.  A tiny white dot on my pupil which would have otherwise gone un-noticed.  And after that, I could hardly open my eye fully in my own home!  Ok, I do have lots of natural light coming through the balconies but still… something must be terribly wrong if I have to wear shades at home.

I made an urgent appointment with the eye specialist the next day.

Fortunately I did (and did so fairly quickly) because it was a cornea ulcer. A.. what?  It is the infection of cornea and after I googled about it, I was almost freaked out at the prospect of turning blind if I had delayed treatment.

As I am writing this, I have gone for two follow-ups so far.  While the infection seems to be under control now, the scarring may be permanent.  As it is, my left vision is already blurred since last week.

So folks, please treat any eye infection seriously as you can never play it safer when it comes to your vision.

Fingers crossed and will update soon.

BŌRUTO Japanese Tapas and Sake Bar


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This post took a while as I was having a little trouble retrieving the photos.  I thought I almost lost them but am so glad they did not abandon me.

That night, my girlfriends and I braved the haze AND rain to chill at Boruto.  We fixed the date awhile back and have been looking forward to a night out so deterred we were not by the unexpected hostile weather.

We were glad we did so.

It was a cold and quiet night in the CBD area and seated on the high stools by the window enjoying sake with tapas was nothing short of the perfect setting for a girls night out.


This SAGA GYU TATAKI (seared saga beef with saffron) was definitely a winner as much as a star.  So tender and juicy, each slice tasted heavenly.  A beautiful dish that was elegantly plated.



I can’t recall the actual name of this but the subtle chargrilled flavour of these giant asparagus was a good balance with the rest of the stronger tasting dishes.



We usually enjoy our mussels in white wine sauce but Japanese sake? While this MU-RUGAI SAKA MUSHI (simmered mussels with japanese sake & garlic) did not disappoint, it paled against the rest of the dishes we ordered.


And of course dinner at a Izakaya wouldn’t be complete without some good sake to go with these gorgeous food.  Their collection was impressive and its walls were lined with huge Japanese sake barrels almost shouting out to you to have a few rounds!

I am not quite educated on sake (yet) but this first bottle was probably one of the best sake I have tried.  The sweetness and fragrance made it so easy to drink.


Maybe because we really enjoyed our first bottle, this second bottle was distinctively inferior.  Even so, we emptied both bottles!  Did I mention there were only three of us?


We had such a great night chatting away over many glasses of sake.  Who can blame us especially when we are talking about such cute inviting little glasses 🙂


Location: 80 South Bridge Road #01-01 Golden Castle

Tel: 65320418

Opening Hours: 6:00pm – 11:00pm (last order: 10:30pm) Closed on Sunday


I Must Be Mad



I must be mad.  Why?

Because I am testing my already messed-up eye sight (from Lasik) and my almost run-out patience (from my boys) by attempting the “Secret Garden” colouring book.  Each time, I can only afford no more than 10-15 minutes on this, except of course both boys are already in bed.  Even so, anything longer than that will set my eyes to a blurry vision.  So I reckon that at this rate, I might be able to complete the entire book by the time Gor Gor J serves the army (he is six now by the way).

But what to do?  I love colouring.

secret garden

And as if that is not enough, I have just started to re-read “Gone With The Wind”. The last time I read it was probably 18 years ago!  Again, this is another horrible test of eye sight.  I remembered loving the book and also I hope by showing Gor Gor J that if I can complete this 959-pager novel, he shouldn’t complain about reading a paragraph of his Enid Blyton.  Slowly but surely. Few pages at a time.

gone with the wind

Yes, I must be mad.

Meet The Emotions



A couple of months back, we watched Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out” and just like the earlier work of the same creators of “Up”,  I was deeply moved.  It is almost magical that cartoons (good ones) can still move someone my age to tears.

Anyone who has missed it should find an opportunity to watch it at some point.  Anyway, this is not a movie review.  Actually I am not too sure myself why I am writing this post except that I want to share what I found at the library!

A “Inside Out” book.


It is just a simple picture book but having watched the movie made me just want to borrow it home.  Plus I really adored the quirky characters and thought their respective emotions really came through brilliantly in a playful way.

JOY – One look at her and I feel 100% more hopeful and super-charged almost immediately!  We need more of her inside us.


DISGUST – Don’t we sometimes wish we can be so straightforwardly honest with our likes and dislike without compromising our own standards to please there rest of the world? She is one cool and consistent gal on that front!


FEAR – This fellow, though not well regarded, is an essential in providing that provides that balance often needed to make difficult decisions.  And because of him, we always plan for the worst while hoping for the best.  insideout_4

ANGER – The little devil inside us who erupts without warning sometimes. It tends to be challenging to control him but we all know the importance to manage him.  Though a little of him does make us stronger in striving for what we want at times.


SADNESS – Do not label this petite little darling as weak. Without sadness, how would we taste happiness?  Without sadness, how would we appreciate joy?  Being vulnerable and sentimental can help us know ourselves better and eventually emerging stronger as a person.


So… how are you feeling today? 🙂


Spain #4 (The Gaudi Trail Part 2)


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And so we continued with our Gaudi trail after a fascinating trip to the La Sagrada Familia.  Next up, Parc Güell.  Another World UNESCO World Heritage site.

Stepping into this park seemed almost surreal because everything appeared so imaginary and quaint.


I particularly enjoyed gazing at all the mosaic work around the park, including that of the main terrace in the form of a long undulating bench shaped like a serpent.


And also these unique mosaic tiles on the ceiling. I love the randomness at which they appear in every corner of the park.


It was only after the visit that I learned more about this walled pathway of the park. I admired it purely as a beautifully textured walkway without realising that these curved structures actually serve as restraining walls that support the roads projecting from the hill side.


Apparently these two buildings started out as a housing project which did not materialise.  These houses looked like they just popped out from some fairy tale.


I saw a window of opportunity (pardon the pun) for some great shots and did a little workout up the flight of stairs for these silly shots below.


As for the symbolic multicolored mosaic salamander, I failed to get a clear shot of it in its entirety due to the crazy crowd that just kept hovering around it.   So here is a consolation to myself. My very own salamander, sitting peacefully at the corner of my own home 🙂


My WAHM Style – 29.10.15



I recently bought this sleeveless blouse from a little local boutique The Underground.  I was just going about my own business when this striped piece hanging at eye level caught my attention.

It is what everything I need in this freaking hot humid weather – sleeveless, light weight material, goes well with shorts… comfortable to the max.  I particularly love the way it flares out with a pleat in the middle that makes an otherwise dull striped top a little more girly.

Walked in and out of the shop within 10 minutes.

Happy with my find.

WAHM Style_18

Wedding Dress Shopping Cheat Sheet


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This is totally random.

I am neither looking for a wedding gown (having married for more than a decade) nor helping any girlfriend to look for one (although I wish very much some of them can find their prince charming soon!).

I just happened to chance upon a really cool blogger and vlogger who owns a quirky wedding stationery business and bears the same name as myself 🙂  I found this little cheat sheet she has very useful for anyone who needs to communicate her desired wedding dress style to a designer/boutique but not sure how to get started.

I love simple straight-forward sheets like that which makes our already complicated lives so much simpler.

So are you hearing any wedding bells soon?  Share this with every girlfriend of yours who might be dreaming up their perfect wedding dress this very moment!

Wedding Cheat Sheet

Source (with permission): Amanda Burton Design

Spain Trip #3 (The Gaudi Trail Part 1)


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Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia region, is characterised by many of Antoni Gaudi’s famous works that even people who know next to nothing about architecture and art should not miss on their visits there.  Having read and heard about them for years from various sources, I felt so blessed to be finally there four years ago to physically marvel at the ingenious creativity, the radical boldness with rigorous details, the grandeur, the colours… oh boy was I inspired by them all.

I am going to break them up in separate posts (I hate writing super long posts, just like I hate reading them!)

The most ingenious work has got to be the La Sagrada Familia (Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família), which is like the emblem of Barcelona.  Besides the magnificent facade as well as interiors, perhaps it is its long and winding journey to completion, marred with countless challenges yet persisted with relentless determination, that allures me more.


Here is a little history quickie:

This Roman Catholic church, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, started its constructions as early as 1883.  Even when Gaudi passed away in 1926 at the age of 73, the church was only less than a quarter completed.  It is predicted to be fully completed in 2026, the centennial year after Gaudi’s death.  Some of the unwelcome obstacles included:

  • Interruption by the Spanish Civil War
  • Reliance on private donations only
  • Divided support from citizens due to competition with Barcelona Cathedral
  • Proposal of building an under-ground tunnel to link Spain’s high-speed rail to France that might affect its stability
  • Constant struggle of keeping to Gaudi’s design after his death
  • Not to mention the highly complex designs which building techniques in the earlier days, without the help of modern technology, would have taken hundreds of years.

No matter which corner I was standing from inside the church, I could just lift my head up and be treated to structural designs that are out of this world.


Every piece of stone and tile was transformed into breath-taking canvases.  Every perspective was a brilliant piece of geometrical artwork.


And the glorious skylight diffused by the beautiful stained glass windows filled the holy grounds with colours and wonders.  All part of the ingenious design.


The facade was bursting with so much details that it felt like a visual feast that one can spend hours savouring slowly.  The Basilica was conceived to include 18 towers (12 bell towers on the facade representing the Apostles and 6 taller central towers in a pyramid layout reflecting hierarchy of what they symbolise).  There is just so much one can read and appreciate about the meaning of the each facade and structure but I will just leave it as that. A truly Art Nouveau master piece that is probably unmatched.


Watch this video here and I am sure you will be inspired to visit it or even re-visit it!